Your work is your asset placed in your customers' rooms. Please, use it as full customer satisfaction and pleasure with


Because you need to serve Your customers at a place, just on time, just for their need, and value their effort and time and comfort. At the same time, You save your time, add your goodwill and sell more. Sounds good, doesn't it!


By giving all needed information for purpose, you'll give them the best equipments to help themselves through internet in smartphones. Whether it is guiding or assisting any other way, we think is the best way to do customer service, even beforehand.


Where service is needed, there will be a touchpoint as DesignTag® with NFC and QR-code. Your customer or consumer taps the chip with a smartphone to get your menu with actions done with

QR management

Manage helps you organize touchpoints, rename them and follow up the use, used pages and kilobytes. In Manage, you also can load ten different QR-codes for one identification (ID). In Manage, you also find a PIN-code for ID and much more.

Edit mobile pages

Edit-software is needed at least to redirect touchpoint to your webpage. But why not to make functionally mobile pages here in Edit-software. We have developed it very easy to use. You can use elements and actions with drag&drope style. With templates, you make new pages quickly. Edit has even a carousel in it. Please try it and save your home pages light and quick to use.

Where to use

It’s all about your work, your service, your asset. Maybe you have a cartoon packet, and your consumers could benefit from use and assembly guidance from QR-code. Or perhaps they need to find you in a building or to have safety instructions. Maybe you are an artist, and your work could need an N-Tag mark to tell more about your paintings. Or do we need a call-operator, which you can easily do and manage with It is also beneficial to monitor which advertisement in which media is working. I think the sky is a limit where to use this service.

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Your work is your asset placed in your customers’ rooms. Please, use it as full customer satisfaction and pleasure with
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